Conference Manifesto

the manifesto:

We will unite all those who can be united around four demands:

1. The USA needs a real investigation into 9/11.

2. We need a “bottom-up” bailout, economic reforms in banking, and the democratization of capital. We need an economy that works for all, not just the elite.

3. Bush and Cheney must be prosecuted for their crimes against humanity, and their violations of the Bill of Rights.

4. The USA must figure out what it stands for.

We say:

President Obama, you have promised “transparency.” But to the people who have been laboring for eight years under the brutal conditions of Bush/Cheney, real transparency means summoning a greater courage to tackle taboo topics.

Here are four that can no longer go ignored:

1. Investigate 9/11 Now!

Why has there never been an objective investigation? There is evidence for controlled demolition of the buildings. And just as compelling is the pattern of protection given to the “9/11 Hijackers” by US military and intelligence, before 9/11. A real investigation could come from a voter’s referendum in NYC, from the City Council, or from the White House. So what is stopping them?

2. Economic Democracy

Right now, the US Government looks like the hand-maiden of a dysfunctional finance sector, while people lose their homes, jobs, and sanity. What are the alternatives to top-down bailouts, and to the Federal Reserve? How can we stimulate the economy democratically, from below?

3. Rule of Law: How will our broken political and legal system prosecute the crimes against humanity of Bush/Cheney? A couple months ago, there was loose talk from Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) about maybe having a “Truth and Reconciliation” hearing on the crimes of Bush/Cheney. Those crimes were done in the name of 9/11. And 9/11 itself was the mother of that brood of crimes.

4. What is the Real Identity of the USA? What does the country really stand for?

Ironically, it was the 9/11 Commission Report which pointed out that the USA needs to figure out what it really stands for. But DC insiders like them are bankrupt when it comes to new ideas. The American people need to articulate who we are as a nation. Will we cave into our culture of militarism, or embrace peace and truth as the paths of the future? What legacy do we want? Bush and Clinton, or the Rev. Martin Luther King, the legacy of direct-action nonviolence?

Let’s Get Organized!

The 9/11 Anniversary is a powerful moment for our grassroots, bottom-up, citizens’ Truth Movement. Our video activism and confrontational tactics are an inspiration to all kinds of activists. New technologies create new opportunities for democracy, direct-action, and democratic media.

9/11/09 is the first 9/11 Anniversary “Post-Bush”, we have the chance here to really make a statement about 9/11, and push Obama to develop more courage.

President Obama, WHY have you denounced those who question Bush's official story on 9/11? You just authorized 18,000 more troops into Afghanistan. Why even consider attacking Afghanistan, when the whole Bin Laden Scapegoat story has such low credibility, even in mainstream public opinion? This opinion is the direct result of our movement, our huge, grassroots, post-partisan movement of populists, patriots, and progressives. This is democracy in action.

Sander Hicks, Facilitator,, 347 446 4461
Justin Martell,